Feline Behavior Services

Feline Aggression and Fear aggression:

Did you know the slightest change in your household can completely impact your cat’s emotional state? Have you taken your cat to the veterinarian for a health check? Monika will work with you to figure out why this unwanted behavior may be happening and create a training plan for you and your cat. Let’s get your household happiness back!

Improper Elimination in Cats:

One of the most common behavior issues in cats is improper elimination. Yes, this can get quite stressful not to mention smelly! Don’t worry, there are solutions and multiple ways to achieve them.

Cat Introduction and Reintroduction:

We all know introducing a new pack member doesn’t go as smoothly as we may think. Why no create a plan that will? Proper introductions are crucial in the relationship between your cats and aiding in potential unwanted behavior in the future.

Have 2 cats that suddenly don’t like each other? It does happen and it’s quite common. With a custom reintroduction plan, we can bring back the love!

Destructive Behavior in Cats:

Let’s face it, we love our furniture, and our cats seem too as well! Scratching is an important behavior in cats that not only feels good but is a form of marking and communication. We can take this unwanted scratching and properly redirect the cat toward specific scratching allowed zones through easy training.

Feline Socialization:

One of the most important behaviors that need to be worked on. Did you recently adopt a shy cat? Was it a stray, hoarding survivor? We never really know what they have been through but leaving the cat alone to “decompress” as many would think is not what you want to do. Let me teach you some amazing socializing techniques to help your cat adjust. Please remember the longer your cat remains with no socialization, the higher the chances of unwanted behavior can remain permanent.

Feline Enrichment:

Is your cat overgrooming? Destructive while you’re away? Keeping you up at night with their yowls? Believe it or not, even a pair of cats can get bored. Let me teach you some amazing enrichment ideas to stimulate your cats mentally and physically. The importance of enrichment is quite high as lack of it can potentially lead to other unwanted behavior issues.

Feline Clicker Training:

The most amazing tool in cat training. Learn the proper techniques of clicker training and all the ways you can use it with your cat!

Feline Nutrition and Diet Plans:

Is your cat too big or too skinny? Monika can create custom diet plans for your kitties. Remember every pound on a cat requires certain calories. It’s crucial to make sure your kitty is getting all the necessary calories and nutrients for every stage in life.

Custom diet plans for diabetic, cancer or urinary tract infections are also available.

Emergency Response for Cats:

We don’t want to think of the worse case scenarios but in all reality we should. Sometimes things can happen to our animals or strays. Learn one on one with Monika and know what do to if your cat get’s hit by a car, toxic shock, bandaging and much more.

Feline Rescue Breathing-CPR

Do you know the difference between feline rescue breathing and CPR? How long to perform them? The wrong one may unfortunately be a deal breaker for your cat’s life. Learn the difference and how to perform both. These amazing techniques just may save them.

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