Cat Chat: Seizures in Cats


A cat lying on its side

Seizures. The word itself sounds disturbing but it does occur. Do you know what can cause seizures and what to do if your cat has one?

I know topics like these may be quite sensitive to some, but so very important to be discussed. The more prepared we are during emergency situations, the better outcome we will most likely get.
So, let’s get to it. Seizures are caused by conditions that can interrupt brain function. Some of these are:

– Fever
– Tumors
– Low blood sugar
– Head trauma
– Neurological conditions

What do you do if your cat is having a seizure? I wish there was more but simple basics can still really help…. not only your cat, but your safety as well.

Move anything on the floor out of the way. We want to prevent any bumps that may cause injuries. Avoid putting your hands near the cat’s mouth or head. Remember, during this state your cat has no idea what’s going on and can bite you accidentally. We don’t want a trip to the hospital for you. But why avoid the head too? Even just after the seizure has passed your cat can still react unexpectedly. I can’t image the confusion for them. Be there with them. Keep your cool as best as you can and talk softly to help calm them quicker.

If your cat is diabetic, you can rub a little corn syrup on his/her lips to help boost blood sugar.
After your cat’s seizure, they should be taken to a veterinarian right away. There is a chance your cat could have another. Your veterinarian will perform multiple tests to try and find the cause. Blood work, X rays, urinalysis and an MRI are commonly performed.

How can we help prevent them? You can prevent some by simply putting any household toxins away. Some of these items include human medications, cleaning products and essential oils. A proper diet and avoiding obesity can help wonders too.

Always keep up with your cats’ annual examinations. These are crucial in monitoring our cat’s health. The earlier something can be caught, the faster we can treat it. Cats communicate with us all the time, it’s up to us if we want to listen.